Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back on track, and with new stuff!

Hello out there! It sure has been a while, hasn't it? The day we hit Maine I got sick, and it stayed for the rest of the trip. Fortunately, mine was just allergic reaction - the DH got strep. That, combined with other events, turned the relaxing vacation into the trip from, well, you know. Not in a rush to do that one again any time soon. Then, after I got back from my vacation - if you could call it that - a lot of different things all came crashing down on me all at once, which forced me into hiatus.

Fortunately, I am back and eager to get back to posting. I never stopped reading. I made notes and hand wrote reviews, so I have a lot to post. Hopefully the internet will agree with me and I will get to post up a new review every few days.

Over the time that I was not blogging, I was still active on facebook, since I can post to that from my cell phone. I got really into posting about things other than books - which brings me to an announcement! Introducing The Goddess Domestic! This sister blog will be used for me to post about non book related topics, like cooking, household items, and couponing opportunities. I will probably post my more crafty topics there as well. I will still be posting here, I will just be alternating days between the two pages.

Another new thing is that I set up a facebook page for my blogs. You can go to Paperback Goddess Blogs to get quick summaries and highlights on all my posts, plus see other comments that do not need a whole post. Many of these small comments can also be found on my twitter feed. Any giveaways I do on the blogs will be announced on facebook and twitter.

Well, I think that is all for now. Look for the newest review tomorrow morning, and then I will be back with another Monday or Tuesday. I am working a local renaissance festival on the weekends until Thanksgiving, so the blogs will only be updated Monday through Friday until then. Stop in and visit though, you may get a surprise!

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