Anatomy of a PBG Review

Each reviewer out there writes their reviews a little differently, so I want to take a moment to explain how mine are formatted, in an attempt to make them more enjoyable, and so that the reader can get more out of them.

Each review I write is divided into 5 parts:
  1. Linked Photo - With every review, I will include a link to either the publisher or to, so that you can easily find a copy if you are interested in reading it.  
  2. Book Details - This is the identifying information about the book. Some things included are the title, author, ISBN, and page count.
  3. Synopsis - Here you will find a short summary about the story. This part is similar to what you would find in a description on a bookstore site.
  4. My Thoughts - This is the actual heart of the review. This is where I give my opinion of the story and the writing. I pride myself on being honest. If I do not like a book, I will not falsely write a good review - for any reason.
  5. Parent's Guide - Often you, as a parent, may see your child reading a book that you have never heard of before, and you wonder about the content. Is it really appropriate for someone their age? I understand where you are coming from. So I take a moment on each review to answer this question. If there is questionable content, I will let you know.
Sometimes, in a review, you will see a sixth part titled "The Oz Counter". This is just a little bit of silliness on my part. I am a life long Wizard of Oz fan and a collector of Wizard of Oz memorabilia (who is always on the lookout for new pieces) - be it from the book, the movie, or any other Oz related adaption. So, whenever a book makes a reference to Oz, I notice. I like to see how any different ones I can find.