Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Reading...

Yeah, even I have those days.

Well, it looks like my April reading list may carry over into May. Auralia is taking much longer to read than I had expected. I am not discouraged though and I hope to have another review ready by this evening or tomorrow morning.

On the positive side, I have already filled out my reading list for May and it did not even take a trip to the library. Someone sent me some "light reading" - that is a whopping 765 pages! And with no illustrations even!

While I work on reading that one I will either do reviews of books I read in the past few months that are still fresh on the mind, or I will invite a guest blogger to submit a review, so that no one gets bored. Keep a look out and you might even see other interesting and creative stuff show up...

Okay, back to my book. See you later!

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